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1. How common is sexual dysfunction?
According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, 43% of men and 31% women report to have atleast one symptom of sexual dysfunction. It may become more pronounced if associated with infertility, as the couple have to perform at set times or under stress.
2. Is sexual dysfuntion an inevitable part of ageing?
As we grow older, our body functions gradually slow down and this includes sexual ability. Arousal may take longer in both men and women and men may have less than full erections. Women may suffer from dryness of vagina. But by understanding and adapting to your partner's physical and psychological need, people of all ages should be able to enjoy sex to the fullest.

Sexual dysfunction can happen at any age and is caused by physical, psychological or life-style problems. A remedy is available for most causes of sexual dysfuntion. So if you are not able to achieve sexual satisfaction, whatever your age, do not suffer in silence - seek medical advice.

Sexual dysfuntion is NOT an inevitable part of ageing.
3. Can sexual dysfunction be prevented?
Satisfactory sexual function is part of your general health and wellbeing. Many conditions like diabetes or hypertension can impair sexual function. Stress and anxiety can also have a negative impact. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, exercising regularly, avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol would help in preventing sexual dysfunction.
4. Is masturbation bad for health?
No, masturbation is a safe way of exploring your body. It relieves stress and relaxes you and may lower blood pressure. Most men masturbate regularly and there is nothing 'shameful' about masturbation. Even men in a stable, happy relationship masturbate.

Excessive masturbation may cause some skin irritation and in rare cases may cause penile fractures (bursting of the blood chambers in the penis).
5. Will my consultation details be kept confidential?
At alpha andrology - all our staff are trained to respect patient privacy and maintain confidentiality. Absolutely no information is shared or leaked out of our office. Patients can have full peace of mind and confidence when attending our clinic.
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